Top Five Considerations When Purchasing a Wedding Band

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Top Five Considerations When Purchasing a Wedding Band


As the warm glow of the engagement ring presentation segues to the long list of wedding day preparations, wedding bands should be the least of a couple’s worries as the big day draws near. Here are five top considerations for women and men when shopping for wedding bands.

 Getting Started

Usually the couple works together to define and refine choices for her engagement ring, the first piece of bridal jewelry purchased. As the choices narrow down to the short list, be sure to consider how a wedding band will fit next to, directly up against or complement the engagement ring. Today’s bridal jewelry trends present some wedding band challenges, whether it’s a halo design, a vintage-inspired ring or a solitaire set with a large oval diamond. Most jewelry designers create matching wedding bands. This can be the easiest solution to a coordinating band challenge. If a matching band is not available or not an option, perhaps a custom-made shadow band may be the best solution if contours and design features (milgrain detail or hand carving) present a matchup challenge.

 Plan Ahead

The key is getting these wedding band considerations addressed early on when shopping for the engagement ring. The shopping experience involved in your bridal jewelry should always be pleasant and enjoyable. And, should custom-made jewelry be a necessity, allow plenty of time for the designer’s schedule that could take 6 to 8 weeks or more to complete. But don’t wait until two months before the wedding date in the event the custom design needs more customizing. And, getting all of the bridal jewelry budgeted early in the wedding planning just makes good economic sense.

 His and Her Bands

Whether it’s a yellow and white gold two-tone design, platinum, rose gold accents or stacking bands in different colors and designs, young brides love the options and versatility of today’s anything-goes trends. White metals – particularly white gold and platinum – continue to dominate the bridal jewelry landscape. But not all brides-to-be go for a white metal band match up. If a bride’s engagement ring is white gold with rose gold accents, consider matching his and her rose gold bands as an option. Grandmother’s vintage platinum ring would line up nicely with vintage-inspired his and her bands.

The Mettle of Metals

Although there’s increased interest in yellow and rose gold, white precious metals continue to rule bridal designs. A common question routinely pops up: “what’s the difference between platinum and white gold?” The short answer is cost and maintenance. Platinum is a stronger, purer, denser precious metal that can cost 35 to 50 percent more than finished jewelry designs in white gold. The choices are absorbing higher costs on the front end with platinum and less maintenance. On the back end with white gold there are routine up keeps, rhodium plating and re-tipping worn prongs chief among them. Grooms today are also opting for alternative metal bands such as tungsten, cobalt, titanium and even ceramic. The upside is low costs. The downside, alternative metal bands can’t be re-sized. Given the low cost of alternative metals many gents have a precious metal and an alternative metal wedding band – a work and play approach.

 Color Choices  

Bright white diamonds look their best in bright white precious metals. But not every couple has a colorless diamond budget or perhaps white on white isn’t their thing. Whatever the case, if a bride likes yellow or rose gold, these precious metal colors have benefits couples haven’t considered such as concealing the body colors of center diamonds in the near colorless range (G, H, I and J). Yellow sapphires set in yellow gold or pink sapphires set in rose gold can be attractive wedding band options for engagement rings set with white diamonds that have warmer body color.

 These are some of the many questions, concerns, likes and dislikes sales associates in jewelry retail stores encounter each day with bridal customers. The key is to get bridal jewelry planning and purchases done way in advance of the big day.  Our associates at have years of assisting consumers in the selection to wedding bands are ready to assist you in your search for the perfect band.

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