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4.3MM Traditional Half Round Tungsten Wedding Bands

  • $ 21200
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These 4.3MM Tungsten Wedding Bands are a Timeless Classic made from a modern metal. This band is perfect for the person who wants a traditional look with non-traditional metal. Tungsten bands are one of the strongest wedding bands made in the world. 

This band is available in sizes 6 to 13.

This band is available in regular or white tungsten.

What if my ring size changes? I thought Tungsten was not sizable. 

While Tungsten Wedding Bands can not be sized, our manufacturer offers a lifetime size exchange program. All you have to do is pay for the shipping and we will replace the band with a new band in the proper size.

Benefits of Tungsten

Tungsten Wedding Bands are extremely durable. Tungsten rings are actually so durable that they cannot be sized. While this may seem like a drawback to choosing a Tungsten Wedding Band it isn’t. Since you cannot size Tungsten Wedding Bands, and let’s face it we all put on and lose weight these Tungsten Wedding Bands come with a life time warranty. If you ever need a larger or smaller size simply send the band to us for exchange and we will send you a brand new wedding band. Unlike many of the alternative metal wedding bands. Tungsten rings can fracture or shatter if enough force is applied, making them easy to remove in an emergency. Tungsten is very affordable compared to other standard metals like gold or platinum. Lastly Tungsten carbide is the most scratch resistant metal on the planet and cleaning them is as simple as some hot water and your normal dish soap

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