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Welcome to 1WeddingBand.com. We know that choosing the right wedding band can be one of the most important decisions you make. Maybe you want a gold wedding band, or maybe a titanium wedding band. Some people prefer a platinum wedding band while others like a cobalt wedding band. With so man styles of wedding bands to choose from it can get really overwhelming. Let's face it, this is a piece of jewelry you could be wearing for the rest of your life. Let our wedding band specialists assist you in choosing a band that fits your personal style from our vast inventory of gold, platinum and alternative metal bands. After all we have been selling wedding bands locally for 150 years. We are not a here today gone tomorrow retailer. 1WeddingBand.com is a division of Houston Jewelry Inc. and has been serving the greater Houston area since 1866. So you can rest assured if you ever need to take advantage of our lifetime guarantee we will be here to assist you. 1WeddingBand.com has a wonderful collection of traditional  gold wedding bands, gold or platinum  designer  wedding bands, tungsten wedding bands, titanium wedding bands, cobalt wedding bands and Celtic wedding bands. We have wedding bands for her and wedding bands for him. With such a large selection of bands to choose from, we are sure to have the perfect wedding bands for you.  Looking for a matching wedding band set? We have it! Looking for mens wedding bands? We have them!  If for any reason you find the same wedding bands on any other site we will gladly match the price. We have one goal, to find you and your loved one the perfect wedding bands. Most of our wedding bands ship in 1 to 2 business day from the time your order in processed!!! Be sure to check out our large selection of alternative metal wedding bands When choosing a band there are many factors to consider. First what type of work do you do? If you work with your hands a lot a cobalt band is a perfect fit for your. While Cobalt bands are mainly sought after by men for their band, cobalt bands are extremely durable and scratch resistant,. Cobalt chrome bands are a great choice for people who work with their hands and are extremely hard on their jewelry. Another great choice for a hard working active person is titanium. Titanium bands are super lightweight and strong perfect for a person who normally does not like to wear jewelry. Titanium bands are so lightweight they feel like nothing at all on your hand while providing a durability much greater than gold or platinum bands. The biggest drawbacks to titanium bands are the bands can not be resized, they do not offer the scratch resistance of cobalt bands, and are so lightweight you can't feel if it falls off your hand. Trust me I know! I had mine fall off my hand while camping. Thank god for my wife's eagle eyes!!! The traditional choices of a gold band or platinum band is still the best overall choice. While gold and platinum are softer metals and do not offer the benefits of scratch resistant or the incredible durability, gold and platinum can always be resized, and polished back to look brand new. If you are not sure on what metal would be best for you needs please contact us and one of our wedding band specialists will be more than happy to help you figure out what band will best suit your needs.